–10° F below zero
à la a cobra pose
à la carte menu
American/Australian commoner
advance warning
and et cetera
anecdotal story
annual monsoon
anyone and everyone
argue/bicker back and forth
arson fire
at the age of 32 years of age
audible gasp
banlieue suburb
bargain buy
beautiful/ugly to look at
body slammed to the floor
breaking news
Broadway St/Blvd
bureaucratic red tape
caldera of a volcano
captured alive
casserole dish
cat's meow
chai tea
chattel slavery
chicken coq au vin
Christian church
close proximity
collaborate/collect together
completely abolished/destroyed
completely devoid/empty/finished
concertina razor wire
covenant marriage
crisscross/rally back and forth
déjà vu all over again
demitasse cup
derailed from the track
diverse population of people
disenfranchised from voting
Dr Jane Smith, MD
drown/electrocute/hang to death
dummy placebo
each one
early pioneers
economic boycott/economic embargo
end result
engaged to be married
epilog at the end of the book
an eternity in time
every single
exclusive monopoly
Eyjafjallajokull glacier
false pretenses
fault line
fellow countryman
final destination/outcome
fired from his job
first and only
1st/2nd/3rd base bag
1st/2nd/3rd/4th down situation
fly through the air
first premiered in 2006
foot speed
for awhile
forward progress
foreboding about the future
from whence
frozen tundra
future plans
general public
goatee beard
grade level
grant award
graphic photos
the great El Rio Grande river
hajj pilgrimage
hanging pendant
happened in the past
harbinger of things to come
hazing ritual
high noon
house husband
ice floe
idiomatic expression

inundated with water
integrate together
lag behind
Latina woman
leave of absence
lesbian woman
letter in the mail
list to one side
manna from heaven
manual dexterity
marinara sauce
married his wife
mass exodus
media hype
a minute/hour/day in time
most unique
mutual respect for each other
naan bread
narrow down
network together
new (or recent) initiative
new news
night owl
nod one's head
nostalgia for the past
notoriously famous
old by modern standards
on an equal par with
on a daily/weekly basis
one-under-par birdie
outdoor cookouts
past experience
personal friend
pie à la mode with ice cream
plan ahead, plan in advance
pink slip notice
Popocatépetl volcano
poultry bird
previous experience
price point
prime rib with au jus
pumice stone
raging inferno
random chance
rate of speed
raw sushi
raze to the ground
repaying your karma
retail store
Romany gypsy
rush hour time
self-fund one's own campaign
share in common
shiitake mushroom
short vignette
sight to see
smile/grimace on the face
sombrero hat
spank on the bottom
split apart
staple item
street busker
submerged underwater
sufficient(ly) enough
tail end
tamari soy sauce
tare weight
temper tantrum
three a.m. in the morning
today's soupe du jour
traffic or weather conditions
trail behind
tsunami wave
twelve midnight/noon
undisclosed, secret location
universal panacea
unmanned (or pilotless) drone
unsolicited spam
up-or-down vote
vacillate/waver back and forth
verbal contract
verbal tirade
wander/meander aimlessly
win-win for both parties

AAA auto club
CNN network
DMZ zone
DNC/RNC convention
ERA amendment
GOP party
GPA average
HIV/HPV virus
HMO/NGO organization
IPO offering
NAFTA trade agreement
NPR radio
Please RSVP/RSVP requested
PRI party
PSA announcement
PTA association
SAT test
TARP program
VIP person


ATM machine
CFL light bulb
DSL line
FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP protocol
GUI interface
high-speed TGV train
HTML/SQL language
Mac OS/iOS operating system
ISP provider
LAN network
LCD display
LED light
NIC card
PDF/RTF format
PIN number
RAID array or disks
RAM memory
TAR archive

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