some euphemisms

active dying death throes
administered territories occupied territories
administrative detention incarceration without charges or trial
administrative segregation solitary confinement
agent orange dioxin
associated free state colony
asymetric warfare guerilla warfare
at-risk youth juvenile delinquent
authoritarian regime dictatorship
bathroom tissue toilet paper
between jobs
 or in transition
blended family
 or non-traditional family
broken family
bridge loan bailout
business community ownership class
business leader capitalist or business owner
cabin community
 or curbside community
homeless encampment or tent city
career education
 or technical education
vocational education
character analysis gossip
civil disturbance riot
clear desk policy shredding of sensitive documents
coal seam gas mining
 or hydrolic fracturing
companion animal pet
competitive research dumpster diving
for personal information
concertina wire razor wire
confidential human source police informant
confirmed bachelor gay man
construction project expressionism graffiti
contour crafting 3-d printing
contour mining
 or highwall mining
mountaintop removal
cross-country skiing uphill skiing
deep state professional civil servants
defense forces army
defensive medicine doctor or hospital self-interest
dental appliances false teeth
detention center jail
dining terrace food court
direct mail junk mail
door host bouncer
dynamically address kill
e-mail marketing spam
 or intentional community
the economy the oil economy
election meddling cyber warfare, act of war,
or attack on democratic institutions
encore presentation rerun
energy independence anti-competitive favoritism
shown toward local producers
enhanced interrogation techniques
 or national security interrogations
enteral feeding force feeding
evaporated cane juice refined sugar
equity access second mortgage
flexible baton round
 or bean bag
cloth-covered, lead-filled shotgun round
fog of war war crime
free enterprise system capitalism
government relations professional lobbyist
gestational carrier surrogate mother
hacking breaking and entering
harvest kill
high demand group cult
high risk drinking binge drinking
high standards hard on the help
housing development settlement
human intelligence gatherer interrogator
human shield civilian killed in a military attack
humane restraints shackles
humanitarian intervention military invasion
ice pellets hail
improvement (to infrastructure) subsidy
incentivized witness jailhouse snitch
incursion invasion
independent learning home schooling
inexpensive company prostitute
intelligence community nest of spies
intergroup bias
 or racial profiling
interim employee temp worker
internet sovereignty nationwide censorship
involuntary deboarding
 or re-accommodating the passenger
forcible removal from a flight
job creator business owner
legacy assets bad loans
lobbyist influence peddler
longtime companion gay lover
low information voter person who votes against the elites
loyal fan base cult followers
mandatory conservation rationing
marine cover fog
message force multiplier military public-relations officer
microdermal implantation tattoo
mobile home community trailer park
multi-family institutional
natural gas methane
navigation center homeless shelter
neuroelectrical silence brain death
neuroseparated beheaded
new member education
 or tradition
outside professional activities moonlighting
overserved drunk
passed away died
pay for performance bonus
peace line security wall or defensive wall
peace process low-intensity, long-duration warfare
person of interest suspect
personal event private business
picowaved irradiated (food)
planned enforcement immigration raid
plea bargain plea imposition
police-involved shooting extrajudicial execution
political donation bribe or payoff
pre-emptive retention salary adjustment executive pay raise
prediction market organized gambling
premium support medicare voucher
pressurized water water cannon
previously owned used
private contractor employee who gets low wages
and no benefits
public opinion guidance censorship
public-private partnership giveaway of public funds or assets
to politically connected companies
quantitative easing printing money
recession depression
relocation center concentration camp
repatriation deportation
residual limb stump
resource production resource extraction
retail housing provider landlord
rock dove pigeon
rock legend artist who can no longer sell records
sanitary landfill dump
secondary ticket market scalper's market
senior citizen old person
service jobs servant jobs
serviceperson warrior
smaller government privateering
sobering center drunk tank
sourcing, multishoring, partnerships offshoring, outsourcing
special housing unit solitary confinement
stepped seating bleachers
studio apartment zero-bedroom apartment
 or force infusion
tactical rifle
 or modern sporting rifle
assault rifle
tear gas CS gas
telemarketing junk phone calls
therapeutic misadventure botched medical procedure
transfer case
 or human remains pouch
body bag
trespasser strike pedestrian run over by a train
unaccompanied minor child forcibly separated
from its parents
unguested confrontation talk show hosted
by a racist monologue artist
unique performance character mascot
unitary executive
 or decider
urges contrary to the urge to swallow
 or reversal of fortune
vomiting while competing
in an eating contest
waste repository dump

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