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monday, november 27, 2017

complete the climate catastrophe analogy

suicide : homicide :: (blank) : genocide

sunday, october 29, 2017

when the u.s. breaks up

who will get all the nukes?


tuesday, june 20, 2017

i've always admired people whose name forms a complete sentence

like rollie fingers, ken burns, kitty hawks, elizabeth drew, barry bonds, tyra banks, bert parks, berk breathed, david brooks, larry speakes, roger ailes, madison keys, john waters, butch trucks, w. c. fields, chamique holdsclaw, 'mather, cotton', and of course, jeb!

friday, june 2, 2017

with all respect to bill nye

here he is, complaining about being put on the air one-on-one with a climate denier:

"I will say, much as I love the CNN, you're doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change." (, 4.22.2017)

ouch! if indeed 97 or 98% of climate scientists believe that human activities are contributing to global warming, then a fair balance in the media would be about one climate denier for every 32 (97/3) to 49 (98/2) who affirm climate change, not 1:97 or 1:98

that's my 2¢ on the dollar

friday, june 2, 2017

there's no 'i' in team

but there is an 'm' and an 'e'

thursday, april 20, 2017

if money is speech

then speech can't be free

until money is free

sunday, march 19, 2017

if there isn't already a dinosaur named tillersonosaurus rex

there should be

thursday, march 16, 2017

how come money is speech & corporations are people

but speech is never money & people are never corporations?

wednesday, february 8, 2017

why donald trump didn't know who frederick douglas was

he was tutored in american history by betsy de vos

tuesday, february 7, 2017

frank talk about the franking privilege

like everything, it's backward

we should be able to communicate with them for free

we're the masters

they're our servants

their job is to follow our instructions

sunday, january 29, 2017

heating up the rhetoric

we know that donald denies the connection between human activities & global warming

so it shouldn't be surprising that he would fail to make the connection between heating up the political rhetoric

and bad social & economic consequences for our country & the world

just as heating the troposphere leads to more air turbulence

and to ever bigger & more devastating storms

so too does amping up the political rhetoric lead to ever greater political storms

and potential geopolitical disasters

what's needed, donald, is more light & less heat

donald's act consists of inflating his own balloon with as much air as possible

without this, there's no act

and he'll be forced to fold up the big top

sunday, january 29, 2017

on texit & calexit

there's a petition going around for california to secede from the union

i'm against this, but may i offer texas as a worthy alternative

they've already been a sovereign state

so they have a head start on the process

if texas leaves, then we could put donald's big beautiful wall around their country

and let them deal with the rio grande migration

monday, january 23, 2017

on circuses & bread

the circus announced that it was closing

just a few days before another circus —

this one starring a guy performing as his own trumpeting & precariously balancing elephant —

came to town

but the people want bread, too

will donald be able to deliver?

thursday, january 5, 2017

if you can have a three-pointer, then you should be able to have a four-pointer

i think a heave-ho from the half-court stripe should be good for four points —

and a stuffed animal

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