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monday, december 10, 2012

a t-shirt seen recently

planet enthusiasts agree ...

pluto will always be #9 in our hearts

wednesday, december 5, 2012

the perfect punk concert

poison & anthrax ...

followed by the cure

thursday, november 29, 2012

senior political leadership

the top politicians in the state ...

diane feinstein is 75, jerry brown is 74, and nancy pelosi and barbara boxer are 72 ...

i believe that you should be allowed to serve as long as you're healthy ...

but this is getting ridiculous

tuesday, november 27, 2012

a funeral request

in lieu of donations to my favorite charity ...

send flowers

friday, november 9, 2012

♥ be my embedded biographer ♥

we'll go on long runs together, during which we'll discuss How Great I Am, and after which you will massage my sore feet, and i'll massage yours ...

now taking applications, submit recent photo

tuesday, october 23, 2012


sometimes i feel like i'm going directly from tabula rasa to the early onset of neurological disease ...

without the usual interval of wisdom or knowledge

saturday, september 15, 2012

taking responsibility

which political party will take responsibility for the decline and fall of the american empire?

tuesday, july 24, 2012


if a human can invent a 'germ theory' of medicine ...

then why can't a germ invent a 'people theory' of microbial health?

sunday, june 10, 2012


it's only neuron-deep

monday, may 14, 2012

humans inhabiting space

i don't think you can really call it inhabitation ...

until there are space love triangles, space mutiny, space murder

friday, march 30, 2012

stuff they don't teach you in boarding school

how to kick someone out of the drop-in center ...

because they have body odor ...

and do it with tact and diplomacy

friday, february 24, 2012

what i miss about typewriters

when you're having a brainstorm ...

and all the typebars get jammed together

friday, february 24, 2012

alternative business model

the beloved free clinic is a lot like many of its clients ...

no visible means of support

saturday, january 28, 2012


the most deflating word in the language

wednesday, january 18, 2012

women's tennis result, just in

'ova defeats 'ova in straight sets

thursday, january 12, 2012


i'll turn four cubed this year ...

my sixth and hopefully last power of two ...

my next goal is three to the fourth

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